Hi! My name is James and I must say that I very much like to write code!

I’m a curious software developer, I like to play around with mobile, web or game development technologies. I’m also interested in various topics related closely, or not so closely, to software craftsmanship such as UI, UX, soft skills, entrepreneurship or methodologies. I want to build products that users enjoy and solve their needs efficiently. If you happen to want to take a look at some projects I did, you can do so at https://jhoffman.ca.

On this blog I intend to write articles on topics I’m interested in, technical or not. I plan to write books reviews, thoughts on an article I read or tutorials when I faced a problem and solved it in a way the Internet did not provide a straight answer.

Don’t hesitate to reach out on Twitter @codingjames or by email at james@jhoffman.ca!