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  • Becoming a bug bounty hunter: Learning resources
    When I started studying computer science, I was particularly interested in 2 fields: mobile app development and information security. Fast-forward 5 years, as of today I’m a software developer doing web and mobile apps, but I still got a strong interest toward security, especially application security. For the last few years, I tried to get into infosec more seriously, at least to make the apps I work on more secure. I began going to Hackfest, an awesome infosec conference in Quebec(Canada), and participating to the CTFs. I am definitely not at a level to compete against the other participants, but I have fun and I learn a lot. Every talk, I noted down book suggestions, twitter handles and blogs in the hope to consume the content and become as good as I could. Lately, I decided to get into bug bounty hunting and needed to sort out all the resources I gathered to focus on the most interesting ones. Here is what I came up with(I also intend to keep this post up-to-date when I find other nice content).