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  • Making 360° panoramas to embed in a web page
    I recently needed to prepare a virtual tour at my workplace. I started looking for a simple and affordable solution. I wanted to capture the office’s 360° panoramas then, embed it in an HTML document. I was very pleased to find out that this can be done quite easily using free tools and the result looks pretty good!

  • How to use free tools to record microphone and computer output simultaneously on macOS
    macOS eases the multimedia content creation process due to its great features and accessible tools such as iMovie, GarageBand and QuickTime Player. Contrary to what one would think, QuickTime Player is more than a simple media player. It has basic editing capabilities like trimming clips and reordering/adding sequences on a single timeline. Even more interesting, it includes a sweet recording functionality. This allows to record audio, video from a webcam and, last but not least, a screen’s video feed from your computer(or even a plugged in iOS device)! One challenge that arises when recording your computer’s screen is to capture the audio from your microphone AND the sound output at the same time through QuickTime Player. Here is how to solve this using Soundflower and macOS’s built-in tools.

  • How to test Twitter cards from localhost
    When redesigning my personal website and this blog, I wanted to implement Twitter Cards attributes to provide a rich experience when sharing links on the platform. Twitter offers a Card validator, but since I was running a development server on my machine, the online validator could not reach it. Here is the nice tool that helped me solve this issue.